Visit local attractions nearby

‘Salmon’s house’ is right next door, east of Skjern BnB. Open daily with exhibition and sale of fishing permits.

Danish Wild Salmon Center is located north of the ‘Salmon’s house’, and both are exciting sights we recommend visiting.

Borris Shooting Range has a very large area with huge herds of red deer and good cycling, walking and riding trails.
The area may be closed for access at times. Details can be seen on the digital information boards at the entrances or at

  • Cycling, walking and riding trails are found throughout the nearby area, and there are many opportunities for great experiences in the nature and visits to old well-preserved ‘rakkerhuse’, dating back to Denmarks famous writer Hans Christian Andersen.
  • Bork Viking Harbour, Bundsbaek Mill and Dejbjerg Iron Age
  • Stauning Whisky
  • Denmark Planemuseum
  • Worldwide Sculpture
  • Fjord Tourism
  • Dejbjerg Golf Club
  • Organicfarms Skjern Food Park

The offers are very diverse, so just find what interests you.

It may be cities like cozy Ringkøbing town with well-preserved old houses, small harbor and small fascinating streets.

Lots of art and sculptures has for several years been a big part of our municipality. Many active and tenacious citizens have stood together and thus got acquired much art to the area.

Holger Danske (Ogier the Dane) can be seen in the middle of Skjern on Holger Danske’s Square. Piet Hein ‘The Kiss’ and Piet Hein ‘The Egg’ stands in the roundabouts in Skjern and finishes of our new Sculpture Park “do you know the type” by Innovest. Cities like Tarm, Videbæk and Ringkøbing also has many interesting sculptures to show. It provides pleasant experiences of your sight and senses, when you travel in our great exciting municipality, located in the ‘Kingdom of Nature’ with Skjern River and Ringkøbing fjord.

There are activity parks and golf courses all around the fjord. The choices are many, it is just a matter of what you want to experience in the great outdoors of freedom and respect for nature.